Creative ways to reuse plastics

17 Apr

We in normal living use plastic products and after using it we through it and again we buy a product from the market and again we through it. So what happens is that the waste keeps on building it and would ultimately be burned which is turn rather produces harmful gases that alter the normal composition of our environment.
So Reusability is one way to help in maintaining earth’s environment.
Reusability doesn’t require complex thinking but only some imagination.
As Einstein told “ Imagination is more powerful than knowledge”
Here i am presenting some cool and imaginating ways for reusability

1)Use all your pepsi and soda bottles to make a cool decorative lights

Use a sperical shaped object in which a bulb can be fitted.

make holes in this object so that the mouth of the bottle can fitted in.

Make open the bulb and have a great visual effect the light.

2)Just image this beautiful peace of furniture is made up of Old and useless tyres.

Cut the smaller tyres to form legs of the furniture.

3) Dont just throw your bottles.

Use bottles to make decorative items or may to grow a plant in it and it could fit perfectly in your room.

4)This is my personal favourite

Take two 2 litre bottle and cut it from the bottom end.

Use a zipper and stich them like this.

Now your can use it to keeps your medicines or any any other small items.


Remember, just looks for things around you and you can use your own imaginative ways to reuse things.

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