Just an Average

14 May

You would see so many people who work hard in their life and give there best in every possible way but still falls into the average category. Their hard work is not recognised because of the average output.Everyone wants to be better than the best. Welcome to the new age of “no scope for being an average”.

Our humans society is changing fast and so our behaviour and perception. Once there is a change we all becomes a part of it eventually. We are living in such a competitive and aggressive environment that we are in a competition with some other person everyday. This a blind race where everyone wants to secure the first position and nothing else is credited. One interested thing is that we all are part of this race. We are overjoyed when we are at top but utterly dejected when we land up to anything else first slot even though we worked hard enough to relish our efforts.

This race begins at very early age, where we as a children needs to get excellent marks in every subject and in every class. Just an average marks is not acceptable as it would put you in a different category. Anything less would dampens your future prospect. We are in a constant state of tension,pressure and stress. What is the reason that makes us so aggressive about our future?Why we only wants to be at the top? The reason seems to be perception of the society which applauds for the winners only and mediocre is sidelined.
Every game has rules and the rule for such a race for brilliance (which we tends to forget) is that there can be only one winner. When we don’t realise this fact and we fail to achieve the target , we feel unhappy and sad and sometimes demotivated. We are living such a relative life where our credibility is not established by our own achievements but by comparison to someone else’s achievements.

Why we are in such a state of mind where we are always occupied with plans to shine our future? We are never happy what we have achieved so far and never satisfied with our efforts irrespective of the outcome.Its always good to be a part of the society but we all have independent life where we have to satisfy ourselves rather than satisfying society’s benchmark.

We need to fix a target where we can stop this race. Remember ,a race without a target can be endless. The only fruitfull target would be to be HAPPY IN OUR LIFE.
This life is about lot of things but mostly is about being HAPPY!

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