Android’s new ally against the iPhone: Ubuntu

Strong sales of the iPhone 4S are putting renewed pressure on Android to innovate. Ubuntu for Android could give the platform a key capability iPhone is still missing.

Last year was a long time ago for Android.

That was when Google’s mobile platform was stealing market share from all the other smartphone platforms — winning even against the iPhone — and beating a path toward market dominance.
But Android is now facing a renewed challenge from its archrival. Android’s vulnerability against the iPhone can be summed up by looking at the two biggest wireless carriers in the U.S. — AT&T and Verizon. At AT&T, the iPhone represented 78% of all smartphone sales in the first three months of 2012. At Verizon, which had been an Android stronghold since the launch of the original Motorola Droid in October 2009, the iPhone has picked up over 50 percent of all smartphone sales for each of the past two quarters (Q4 2011 and Q1 2012).
How’d that happen? Android won over more users than Apple during 2010 and 2011 because Android devices were available on more carriers and there were Android phones that cost a lot less than the $200 base model of the iPhone. But now the iPhone has spread to virtually all of the major carriers and there are now iPhone models available for under $100.
Android badly needs a new advantage against the iPhone in the next stage of the mobile platform fight. It may get it from Canonical‘s Ubuntu for Android.

The Ubuntu factor

Ubuntu is a friendly version of Linux aimed at the masses. Unfortunately, the masses have never embraced it on a large scale, but it has proven to be usable enough that even your technophobic uncle can easily use Ubuntu to do things like surf the Web, check e-mail, and download photos from a digital camera.
While the iPhone is winning on simplicity, Android is winning on expanded features (and it’s still expected to have a 50 percent market share this year). One of those expanded features that the iPhone doesn’t have is the ability to dock and act like a computer.However, Ubuntu has an alternative vision for smartphone/PC convergence and it’s teaming with Android hardware makers on devices that will hit the market later in 2012.
Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has slowly and quietly evolved the Linux desktop into a legitimate low-cost alternative to Windows and Mac. Ubuntu’s focus on usability with its Unity Desktop and Heads-Up Display (which is like a Google search for all of the menus on your computer) has given Ubuntu the simplicity it needs to compete in an era that’s about to be dominated by touchscreens and cloud computing.
That’s why when Canonical announced and demonstrated Ubuntu for Android at Mobile World Congress in February, it generated a lot of interest across the mobile industry. Android phone makers liked the idea of using the software to build high-powered multi-purpose devices and make more money off smartphones accessories like desktop docks. And, wireless carriers loved the idea of powerful smartphones running desktop-level applications that will demand more data than ever

“The feedback has been great,” Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth said. “People that really got their hands on it have raved about it.”
After the announcement, the Canonical booth at MWC 2012 was flooded with interest from corporate tech managers, consumers, and representatives from telcos and handset makers. All of them wanted to see what Ubuntu for Android could do.. Ubuntu takes the concept a step further by opening it up to more apps and to all Android phone makers.

When Ubuntu is loaded on an Android phone, the two platforms share the same Linux kernel, so it’s not like running two operating systems. The two pieces act like complementary partners. The Android phone functions normally when used as a smartphone or when making calls, but when it docks then the Ubuntu desktop pops up and acts like a standard computer. You can open a desktop Web browser, but you can also install and run standard Ubuntu desktop software for photo editing, word processing, etc.
Because Ubuntu is so lean, the entire Ubuntu software stack only takes up about 2GB, and that includes apps for e-mail, Web browsing, photo editing, music, and other basic stuff. If you install more applications from the large Ubuntu repository of open source apps then that will obviously take up more space, but there’s still plenty of storage on most modern smartphones to handle it. While Ubuntu takes up more storage than Webtop, it’s also giving you a lot more capabilities.

“The Ubuntu solution is providing a complete PC operating system,” said Richard Collins, the Product Manager for Ubuntu for Android. “Canonical has always seen the opportunity for Ubuntu for Android. It’s something that’s always been discussed, but once the hardware was ready then we realized the timing was good for this. [The software] is mature enough for us to engage with an OEM today.”

But, while the Ubuntu solution doesn’t alter Android, it provides deep integration with Android on the Ubuntu side, and that’s where Canonical is bringing value that goes above and beyond what Motorola accomplished with Webtop.


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This world is continuously changing and with it our life is also changing .We may feel change in every second of our life or we may not feel the change at all, but in both the case you are a part of change.
Changes are meant to be happened and we are destined to be part of the change.
Change brings a new environment in life which may be vulnerable at first sight. Change may makes you unsettled and may also bring fear. Change may force you leave things which you like, but at the same time change can bring an opportunity of more sunshine.
Even I am going through such mixed feelings of change but as rightly said “Life is like riding a bicyle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”

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A Trip to Nandi Hills

Yesterday I got a chance to visit nandi hills which is around 60 km from Bangalore,Karnataka.
Nandi hills is famous for its scenic beauty and excellent climate conditions. Many people visit Nandi Hills to experience the picturesque view of Sun Rise. Nandi Hills, at the height of 4851 feet above sea level is, very popular picnic spot .
It was Sunday morning when we set out for our Trip
We started our journey at 2:30 am in the morning so that we can reach Nandi hills around 5 am to see the sunrise. I was accompanied with my 7 other team mates from my workplace. We picked up everyone from their home.
Weather at the outright itself was very cool and windy. We were all packed up will some snacks and beers. The highway to the Nandi hill was really smooth and with low lighting conditions and really cool breeze, we were enjoying the moment a lot. Once our beers were opened ,i knew this would one of the best time we ever had. I felt high after having a beer and was in another world.
We were all talking about our life when we were together in the project and this was really a pleasant escape from our hectic office work during weekdays. I personally felt that nothing is more important than enjoying our lives.
We had a small pit stop before our destination, where we all clicked photographs. We were 8 people and we had 4 cameras and everyone was fighting to click a photograph from his/her camera.
We didn’t even realise how time was passing and how infact we were getting late for our destination.
We finally reached Nandi hills with all excitement and charged up to see the majestic view of the sun rising from the clouds.
It was all foggy in and around nandi hills. When we reached the hill top ,we were just a little late for the sun rise and it was already rising above and anyways the view was magnificient and we all enjoyed the scenic beauty and company of each other.
That beautiful red coloured sun coming out of the clouds really mesmerised us .
Everytime we see sunrise or sunset ,its always seems to be reddish in color, why?




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Why are sunrises and sunsets sometimes red

White light coming from the Sun contains all colors of light from red to blue. The molecules in Earth’s atmosphere do not scatter much of the red light, but they do scatter a significant amount of blue light. This effect causes the blue sky.
These molecules scattering light also cause the Sun to appear redder than it really is. When the Sun is high in the sky the amount of reddening is small. However the Sun will still appear redder from the ground than from space because the atmosphere scatters some of the blue light.

When the Sun is low in the sky, much more of the blue light coming from the Sun is scattered away from the direct path towards our eyes. Hence the Sun will appear very red when it is low in the sky.

The same thing happens to the Moon. It often appears very red when it is low in the sky for the same reason.

Much of the beauty of red sunsets or sunrises comes not from the red Sun but from the red clouds just above the western or eastern horizon. Red sunlight reflecting off these clouds gives them the same rich red color the Sun has near the horizon. So in a spectacular sunset or sunrise the entire horizon is red.

The effect can increase when the Sun sets or rises over a large city. Pollution particles increase the effect by scattering or absorbing more blue light than red light.
Enjoy your next spectacular red sunrise or sunset and remember that Rayleigh scattering off molecules in Earth’s atmosphere causes the effect.

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Some Lonely Quotations!

 “Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.”
 ― Honoré de Balzac


Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Life’s   cruelest irony.   ― Douglas Coupland

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New President of India

Constitution post of President of India falls vacant on 24th July 2012 as the tenure of the current President of India Pratibha Patil of 5 years ends on 24th july.

President of India
Several names are doing the rounds as nominees for the top post, including that of Vice President Hamid Ansari and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and previous president APJ Abdul Kalam

But who will select the New President and how will he be selected ?

So here i will be explaining the basis level of procedure involved in selecting the President in India

The president in india is not selected directly by its people ,rather it is selected by the electoral college.
Electoral college consists of elected members of both the houses of parliament(Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) and the state legislative assembly( Vidhan Sabha).
The voters of the election are:-
1. MPs of Lok Sabha
2. MPs of Rajya Sabha
3. MLAs of vidhan sabha
The Value of vote of MPs and each MLA is different.
The President of India is elected according to secret ballot by the system of proportional representation through single transferable vote. An attempt is made to secure the uniformity of representation of the different states, according to population and the total number of elected members of legislative Assembly of each state so that parity may be maintained between the state as a whole and the union. This has been done to ensure that the votes of the states shall be equal to that of population of the country. This makes the representative of the President broad based.

Procedure to calculate Vote of MLAs from each state:
The value of vote of MLA depends state by state or we can say MLA of each state has different value of his vote.
Divide the total population of the state by Total seat in Vidhansabha of that state and again divide it by 1000 and the result will be the value of vote of MLA.

For example According 1991 census the population of Orissa was 31,659,736 and the member of elected members of the legislative assembly was 147. The formula to determine the weight of vote is
1) Divide total population by total number of assembly seats
2) Divide the result by 1000.
21,537,235/1000=215.372=> 215

Neglect the decimal part if it is less than 500
3) So each member of the legislative assembly of Orissa will cast 215 VOTES

This process is followed for all the legislative assembly of all the states

Procedure to calculate Vote of MPs
Each member of parliament (either from Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha) will cast vote equal to the formula
Total number of votes of all the MLAs/total number of elected MPs
Lets us assume that total number of votes of all MLAs is 554459
Total strength of the elected MPs is 783.
In this assumption the weight of votes of each M.P. is 708. The fraction of 1 in this case has been ignored.
In the election of the President of India the members of the Electoral College are allowed to exercise their preferences for the candidates in order of their choice. Each voter is allowed to exercise as many preferences as candidates are there. The voter indicates his order of preferences on the ballot paper. A candidate in order to be elected must secure his quota of votes which is 50% of valid votes +1. If no candidate secures the quota or the number of votes required to win, subsequent rounds of counting shall be taken up. The counting will continue till a candidate gets the quota of votes required to win.
Suppose candidate get first prefernce votes like:-
1. Bhairo singh shekhawat—- 5,250
2. Pratibha Patil — —————-4,800
3. Ram Lal—————————- 2,700
4. Mohan singh——- ————2,250
Total Number of Valid votes = 5250 + 4800 + 2700 + 2250 = 15000
15000/2 = 7500
7500+1= 7501
So a candidate need 7501 votes to win the election, as you can see no one has got that
Now Last candidate will be out of the race and his votes will be distributed between remaining three on the basis of second preference.
Now Mohan singh is out of the race his first preference votes are 2250 now suppose in these 2250 ballot papers the second preference is recorded as :-
Bhairo singh shekhawat – 300
Pratibha Patil – 1050
Ram Lal – 900
These will be transferred and added to the first preferences in favour of 1, 2 and 3 as follows
A . Bhairo singh shekhawat.. 5,250 + 300 = 5,550
B Pratibha Patil.. 4,800 + 1050 = 5,850
C . Ram Lal-. 2,700 + 900 = 3,600

Now in the second count, therefore, C having obtained the last number of votes is eliminated and 3,600 votes secured by him are once again transferred to A and B in the order of third preferences recorded thereon.
Suppose the third preferences on the 3,600 ballot papers recorded in favour of A and B are 1700 and 1900 respectively the result of this second transfer would then be as under:

A Bhairo singh shekhawat. 5,550 + 1,700 = 7,250
B Pratibha Patil 5,850 + 1,900 = 7,750

Now Pratibha patil have votes more than 7501 so she wins.

As you can see in first preference Bhairo singh shekhawat was ahead but at last Pratibha patil wins.


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If you believe in superstition then you are not alone! Many people around the world believe in one or the other superstition. These superstitions are existing from many years. For many years people have tried to understand these superstitions and the reason why people follow them. People invented these superstitions to protect them from the fear of the unknown , while some people believe them to be act of God .
Check out these superstitions and find out whether you also believe in them or not.

Broken Mirrors

Its one of the age old superstition that if you break a mirror then you will be cursed with 7 years of bad luck.
The origin of this comes from the Roman Times. During that time doctors used to determine the health of its patients by looking at the reflection of the patient in the mirror and if for some reason the reflection got distorted the patient was deemed to be ill.
The reason that people at that time give huge importance to mirrors was due to their belief that any metal or reflective surface was considered magical and credited with the ability to look into the future.
Since mirrors hold the key to the future , breaking a mirror meant shattering your own future and it would bring bad luck for 7 years because according to the Romans it takes 7 complete years for a human body to be completely renewed.
Howling Dogs – Omens of Death

Is howling of a dog a sign of death? Howling of dog is considered to be very unlucky and even believed that it is a sign of a death.
Equipped with a keen sense of smell, hearing – and some may even say sixth sense – dogs can often predict natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes. Before the onset of these occurrences, which would undoubtedly cause fatalities, they would become agitated and start howling. Thus, the barking of a dog has been associated as a prelude to death.
If a dog howls then it means it has sensed something real bad occurrence ( possibly death).
When a dog howls at a funeral it means more deaths are to be coming.
Unlucky 13

The number 13 is considered to be unlucky. Though there is nothing wrong with the number 13, but in the past there has been some bad events where 13 got involved . People used to ignore,neglect number 13.
here are no 13th floors marked on elevators, even though we all know that the 14th is still the 13th. You aren’t supposed to invite 13 guests to dinner and even the Mayans hated the number. (That is the reason that they only counted eras to 12, hence the end of their calendar being in 2012) 13 even has it’s own phobia: Triskaidekaphobia.
The initial reason for the abject fear of 13 comes from the Bible and the story of the Last Supper. In it, Jesus sits down to a meal with the 12 Apostles, making the total diners 13. We all know that meal ended poorly for two of the guests and thus poor 13 was forever cursed.
The most infamous evil of 13 comes when the calendar aligns to cause a Friday the 13th. Fridays have been notoriously bad luck days biblically. Christ was crucified on Friday.

Touch Wood

We says “Touch Wood” to preserve our luck. We may not know the reason but we say it.
One explanation states that the tradition derived from the Pagans who thought that trees were the homes of fairies, spirits, dryads and many other mystical creatures. In these instances, people might knock or touch wood to request good luck, or to distract spirits with evil intentions. When in need of a favour or some good luck, one politely mentioned this wish to a tree and then touched the bark, representing the first “knock.” The second “knock” was to say “thank you.” The knocking was also supposed to prevent evil spirits from hearing your speech and as such stop them from interfering. Alternatively, some traditions have it that by knocking upon wood, you would awaken and release the benevolent wood fairies that dwelt there.
Marriage customs
Why do so many people get married in June? For one thing June has been known to be the luckiest month for weddings since the days of ancient Rome. The goddess Juno, after whom the month has been named, was the guardian of happy marriages. June also has the longest day of the year. A wedding in June therefore was supposed to materialize into a long and happy marriage.

And why do all engaged or married people wear a ring around their finger? The wedding ring comes to us from ancient Egypt. A circle is an uninterrupted and unbroken continuous ring – the sign of a lasting marriage. If the ring broke, it meant bad luck. If it were taken off, love might escape from the heart.

The Egyptians believe that a vein ran from the third finger of the left hand to the heart. That is how the third finger of left hand became the ring finger.

The custom of showering rice comes from Pakistan, India and China. Rice is considered as one of the main diets in these countries. It stands for health and wealth. People throw rice on newlyweds so that the couple would have many children. This wasted or thrown away rice is also a gift for any evil spirits who might be lurking around so that they get busy in collecting and eating it leaving the couple in peace

 We all believe that it is the supreme power, THE GOD that controls our life and fate, doesn’t some of these superstition reminds our incapability to control our lives and need of a higher authority which can protect us from uncontrollable environment and affirms our faith in GOD

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